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. will there be a political knock kou knockout? we don't know but i guarantee it's a must see tv. joining us is dana milbank and erin mcpike. thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> dana, what are you expecting from joe biden tonight? how aggressive will he be? >> oh i think he's going to be quite aggressive. certainly to make up for president obama's performance last week. he's got to really tie paul ryan to the house republicans who are extremely unpopular, portray him for a leader as the house republicans and particularly in other areas and joe biden needs to engage people on a real guy level on a way that he can relate to people. he needs to be careful not to be deep in the weeds of policy. easy to get into that kind of debate with paul ryan. that's not going to win this debate for him. >> now, erin, mr. ryan has never been in a national debate but he's debated. let me show you a 2010 debate he had with congressman debbie wasserman schultz live on cnn. take a look at a debate style then. >> i put on a budget plan to get one person in congress, me. i didn't put out a budget plan for a majority of
beast. and dana milbank, columnist for "the washington post." thanks to you both for coming on tonight. dana, are zingers the answer for mitt romney? >> well, he has to beware the very perilous boomerang zinger. delivering in sort of the wrong way, then it looks canned, it looks contrived and that you're trying too hard. if he comes out and says, there you go again, you're going to hear a thumping sound and that's going to be me and everybody else pounding our heads on the table in the next room in the debate. he's wooden and stiff as it is. if he's seen as throwing down a line, that's much worse than skipping the zingers at all. i would just try to have an actual debate. >> michelle, it's pretty bad when you use a zinger and it doesn't even work but, to be honest, mitt romney's been talking and dealing with zingers for a long time. let me show you something about mitt romney and zingers going back a little bit. >> coming up with the best answers for the best zingers. and number two is being able to communicate to the people of america that you're a leader. i think i have the best idea
that has no place in this election. joining me now, dana milbank, columnist for "the washington post." thank you both for your time tonight. >> thank you, reverend. >> dana, let me go to you first. governor romney wanted bosses to tell their employees which way to vote and it sounds like they are doing it. >> uh-huh. well, it does, reverend. and you can see how he was wording it very carefully because he knew what the letter of the law is in terms of what they can do and, once again, we have a case of where the scandal is not something that illegal has been done but the scandal is what is perfectly legal to do, just as it is legal to have your money in the cayman islands or in swiss bank accounts or in bermuda. this is another case where people will take away the perception that this whole game is a bit rigged in favor of those who are in power and they can have sort of a nod and a wink and that's how things are done and it presents one more bit of evidence that that that sort of thing can occur during a romney presidency. so it could be of some political damage to him at this point.
approachable romney. is letting mitt be mitt enough? and could intervention backfire? joins me dana milbank, columnist for "the washington post," and alicia menendez host and producer for if herb post live. thank you both for being here tonight. >> dana let me go to you. let mitt be mitt, how does that strike you? >> see, i don't buy this reverend, this whole idea of you know that his wife and his son swoop in and bring out the authentic. how do we note the mitt last wednesday was the real mitt, not the one we saw in the primaries, not the one tess convention not the one as governor of massachusetts. it's not clear to me letting mitt be mitt means anything that there is a real and authentic mitt. he changes his positions the way you and i change neckties. i think this is a way to dress i have a situation. he did this out of necessity very clearly he saw his campaign was going down the trajectory was headed in needed to try something new, and he got pretty lucky. he was able to do the etch a sketch at a point where the conservatives were desperate enough they'll let him ge
dishonest campaign is sorry he did. joining me now, dana milbank for "the washington post" and marge. >> nowhere more than when biden nailed him on the gop's attack on the stimulus. watch. >> i love my friend here. i'm not allowed to show letters but go to our website. he sent me two letters saying, by the way, can you send me some stimulus money for here in the state of wisconsin? we sent millions of dollars. >> you did ask for stimulus money? >> on two occasions we applied for constituents applying for grants. >> i love that. i love that. this is such a bad program and he writes me a program saying the reason we need the stimulus, it will create growth and jobs. his words. >> dana, isn't that the crux of the hypocrisy of the gop? >> we knew about the letters and they have been used before. they have used them in stump speeches. to see him confronted with it on the stage there, i think that was the essence of what made biden successful last night and verges of that were repeated over and over again. the week before the president thought he was going to rise above the fray and he rea
was this legitimate news in 2012. >> joining me now, dana milbank, columnist of "the washington post" and amy holmes. dana milbank, what did you make of this? >> i suppose if i had a marginal scoop i'd present as a sizzling hot scoop too. if you can get drudge go after it, all the better. you get many more clicks for that. but i think we reacted to this the way stock remarks to information. yeah, there was something marginally new but it didn't fundamentally change something we new about the president or the story. it wasn't really relevant at the moment. this week was all about debates and unemployment. it just didn't seem to fit in. yeah, it got out there. >> amy holmes, has obama's speech received moderate coverage at the time and this time around covered as a media story and disappeared. did this story fizzle? >> i think it did and it's unfortunate. it fizzled because it was covered as a race war story or a media story instead of a promise story that senator obama is promising better treatment because of disparate treatment. historically has that come to pass. he's made some very bold claims as
pike from real clear politics and dana milbank from "the washington post." thank you for joining me. >> hi, reverend. >> thank you. >> erin, let me go to you first. does the president need a big moment tonight? >> not so much as a big moment. he really just needs to have a big night. you know, everyone's been talking about how his debate performance two weeks ago was just not very strong, so what the president has been doing is practicing, getting more aggressive but not too aggressive because he'll be answering voter's question as opposed to a moderator's questions, so he'll be talking to real people tonight. >> dana, when you look at the history of these kind of debates, you have certain moments that stick out. let me show you a few. mr. reagan, quayle, benson. >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. >> i have as much experience in the congress as jack kennedy did when he sought the presidency. >> i served with jack kennedy. i knew jack kennedy. jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you
be back in that same mess. >> let's get right to our panel now. from washington, dana milbank, political columnist for "the washington post." david corn, who's an msnbc political analyst. and the man who broke the 47% story in mother jones' magazine. there's his recent e-book. here in new york with me, jonathan alder, also an msnbc political analyst and a man i spend more time with than my wife. david, if i may start with you, david, humiliated for lying about the president's reaction to libya. condescending about cramming women into a binder. and without a single repost after the president described the romney/ryan budget as an $8 trillion sinkhole, i mean, a drunk snooki was nimbler on her foot than he was last night. >> i'm still thinking about all that time you spend with jonathan. there's a lot of things we talked about last night but the one thing that came to me is how did mitt romney start his career? a consultant, walking into the offices of a ceo and saying, i know more about the company than you do with power point presentations, charts and graphs. then moved to bain capital,
karen finney. in washington, dana milbank a political columnist for the washington post and here in florida, michael hastings. great to have you here. mike, if i can start with you, given the fact that 17 of mr. romney's foreign policy advisers out of 24 are all from the bush administration, that's 70%, shouldn't george bush be the one here for this debate? wouldn't he be the right person. >> the ma man you put on earlier was the chief spokesperson during the worst days of the american occupation of iraq. the fact that he's one of governor romney's top advisers is very concerning. i think in terms of the foreign policy issue that you're dealing with now, afghanistan, iraq, these were legacy foreign policy issues that obama inherited and had to fix. he withdrew from iraq and he decided to escalate in afghanistan. >> karen, romney at least in public is sprinting away from his neocon advisers quicker than usain bolt's 100 meter record but isn't his foreign policy as befuddled as his economic plan. he attacks the president but doesn't offer a specific plan on aflg, on taliban, on ira
to change. >> i want to bring in dana milbank and matt welsh. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> i suppose we shouldn't be surprised this race to lower expectations. give us your take on the expectations for this debate. >> romney needs something to happen for him. he's had a bad couple of weeks. ever since the 47% comment which i think that be difficult for him. what he needs to do is kind of what obama did in 2008. when you look at when things started to move for obama, it was during the debates. specifically he made the case then right or wrong that he was a better steward of the economy than john mccain in troubled times. romney's got to make that case in 2012. >> little different when you're running against an incumbent. right? there's not a direct parallel there. >> look at the transcript. he was running against president bush. that these set of economic policies are wrong and i have a compelling vision. whether he can do that is another story. >> your colleague e.j. deion wrote journalists are in search of defining moments and game changers. by this standard, romney ne
into a corner and president obama tinds to keep him there. joining me now, dana milbank and erin mcpike. thanks for coming on the show. >> reverend. >> thank you. >> dana, did mitt romney leave himself open to some attacks? >> well, just a little bit, ref renld. i think if he continues on this trajectory, by the last debate, he's going to be considerably to the left of you. and he'll have a difficult time but, you know, i suppose he may be all for increasing the minimum wage and getting more folks on welfare by then. but, you know, he had a very big night in a theatrical sense wednesday night and that really knocked obama back on his heels. now, you're seeing from obama the answers that one would have thought he would have come up with in realtime but romney did leave himself with a problem because he's contradicted himself in so many ways. he's come back and said, which one is it? the one that you presented last wednesday? so we're back to the original charge against romney, which is the flip-flop label. >> now, erin, you've covered romney for months and you have been through the primaries. wh
playbook. joining me now, melissa harris-perry, and dana milbank, columnist for "the washington post." thank you both for being here tonight these kinds of comment have happened so often from the romney campaign, don't you think that it's a pattern or do you think it's just an accident? >> no, of course it's a pattern. let's be very clear. you know, there's a whole bunch of different things going on here. in fact, that last image you showed of a matchup of saying conrad and having an image of adolph hitler and an image of the soviet image, like it's an indication of how mashed up it all is. clearly they don't even know the difference between communism and totalarism, the professor in me wants to scream. what we're looking at is a circumstance where in an attempt to move the conversation away from the fact that governor romney does not have a consistent set of plans, policies, ideas, or ideology, he has been all over the map, he has said whatever he thought he needed to say, to win whatever vote he needed to do, to remove it from that, they are focusing exclusively on the one thing th
is pulitzer prize connie schultz. she writes today, why romly will lose ohio. hint, hint. and dana milbank, columnist for "the washington post." he's writing that romney goes off road with the truth. thanks for being here tonight. connie, let me start with you. you were born and raised in ohio with ties to the auto industry. >> yes. >> how are ohioans responding to this false attack by romney and ryan? >> that's what is interesting to me. i come from these people. i come from utility workers and auto plant workers and steel workers. i think romney thinks that the people that i come from are stupid. but i've been traveling all over the state. i was in three different towns today and i've been at a lot of packed halls with auto workers and people who supply the auto industry. you're talking about 800,000 jobs in auto-related jobs in ohio, which means you're talking about more than half a million families who depend on these wages and have better lives because of it and at chrysler, at jeep in toledo, they have more than 100 electricians right now working in that plant, gearing it up to amp u
post political columnist dana milbank. dana, romney's campaign didn't go a day without walking back the abortion shift. telling the "national review," governor romney would of course support legislation aimed at providing greater protections from life. he doesn't know his collarbone from his coccyx, does he? >> it's sounding more and more like a head injury. maybe it's so easy for him to change his mind that he's forgotten that he took all these positions previously. it does boggle the mind to some extent. what's even more surprising is how the conservatives at this point are letting him get away with it, as bill clinton was saying, they were all realizing, this ship is going down so it's better to have this guy completely reinventing himself than the devil they know, which is barack obama. so, they're in a way willing to hold their nose, yeah, let the spokesman issue off a clarification to keep the conservatives happy. but they're going to let him go ahead and say whatever he wants to say. >> i should remind you the father of lies is described as satan. juli julian, we've been hear
news "wall street journal" maris poll. joining me to talk about all of it, e.j.dion and dana milbank. gentlemen, good morning. remember the old commercial never let them see you sweat? dana, how much pressure is joe biden under tonight? >> he's been at this an awfully long time. and he's sort of an old pro at this. in fact i think both of them will be pretty good. i'm looking forward to this debate. i think more than last week. here we have two sharp guys who can really mix it up on policy. maybe give us some substance. maybe actually teach us some things. >> there has been a talking point that was clearly emerging this morning from the democratic side. let me play that. >> he is looking forward to tonight. he's raring to go. one of the things that will be important to do tonight is to nail down exactly details of what paul ryan says. >> i think the big challenge for him will be to pin congressman ryan down. you know, he was on television a couple weeks ago and he was asked to explain governor romney's tax plan and he said, well, i don't have enough time to explain it. it's too compl
. joining us is "washington post" columnist dana milbank. you say in your wonderful piece today, and i'm quoting you, there is something ghoulish about finding political advantage in so much misery. i guess that means mitt romney has joined the chamber of ghouls on halloween eve given his campaign event in ohio. >> the timing couldn't be better. in fact, i congratulated the candidates yesterday for basically behaving in the manner in which americans would expect them to behave at this time, and i guess any time you get out there and praise these guys they embarrass you for doing it. >> but collecting boxes of crackers while a true expression of kindness by the donors is not what professional emergency managers recommend at all. they say financial donations alone are probably the best way to contribute. but there's romney delivering another embarrassing performance of mr. tin ear. >> of all people the democratic party chairman in ohio said why didn't he just come out and, you know, give them a check for $10 million, $100 million. >> he certainly has the money to be able to do that. >> a
presidential debate last night. we'll start with "the washington post." biden rattles ryan. dana milbank, and he writes in part this. "the emphasis on congressional republicans was key to biden's strong performance in kentucky, because it provided a more favorable way for democrats to frame the campaign, not as a choice between president obama and some abstract alternative but a choice between obama and the dimly regarded republican-led house, which would be in a dominant position under a president romney. romney's views may be all over the lot, but the positions of republicans on capitol hill are clear and stark. many will criticize biden's antics on the debate stage, loud guffaws, grimaces, raising his arms and looking heavenward, interjecting with "oh, god" and "this is amazing." but all of the scoffing and incr incredulity was to an end and one that obama would be wise to emulate. >> mark halperin, does he need to show outrage in the next debate? >> remember, a big part of the fundamentals of this race is, mitt romney and the republican congress want to not raise taxes on the wealthy
'll start with dana milbank who writes in "the washington post," "duck duck lose. "in the hours after the republican challenger mitt romney embarrassed the incumbent in their first meeting, obama loyalists expressed puzzlement that the incumbent had done badly, but he set himself up for wednesday's emperor has no clothes moment. for the past four years, he has worked eed assiduously to avoid being questioned, maintaining a regal detachment from the media. obama was out of practice and unprepared to be challenged. the white house had supposed that obama's forays into social media, town hall meetings with youtube, twitter, facebook and the like. by relying on such venues, obama's argument skills atrophied, and he was ill-equipped to engage in old-fashioned give and take. >> donny, igree with that more. this wouldn't happened with tony blair or margaret thatcher. i wish we had more of that in the american system, but we do insulate our presidents. >> this guy in particular insulates himself. and the one thing that over the last four years, i've heard from everybody that has any connectio
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)